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Commercial Services


Whether you're breaking ground on a new space and need new plumbing from the ground up, have blockages in your restaurants kitchen, or it's time to remodel your office staff's bathroom - we have the equipment and experience to address your commercial needs.

E & J Elite Plumbing has extensive knowledge of the specific plumbing issues your business can run into.  From restaurants to medical offices to food processing plants, we can quickly address and repair your plumbing issues.

Give us a call to find out how E & J Elite Plumbing can assist your business!  Commercial references are available upon request.

Here are just a few of the Commercial Services we offer:

  • New Construction

  • Preventative Maintenance Plans

  • Backflow Services

  • Drain and Sewer Clearing

  • Leak Repair

  • Installations

  • Remodeling

  • Emergency Service




Commercial Services: Backflow Services

In most municipalities, backflow prevention devices must be installed at all cross-connection points inside the plumbing systems used by condos, apartments, restaurants and other places used by the public and businesses. In each case, the level of hazard on the property determines the type of backflow prevention that is necessary.

Backflow Explained

Water lines below businesses and homes carry clean, or potable, water under pressure. When backflow occurs, dirty water is flowing back into the water lines carrying potable water. This can result in contamination by fecal matter, chemicals, pesticides, agricultural waste and other toxins, making the water a major threat to health. Whether cross-connections are present in the plumbing systems of buildings used for commercial, industrial or residential purposes, backflow remains possible.

Preventing Backflow

To prevent backflow, plumbers install a device that contains a couple of mechanical check values that keep dirty water from being able to enter the clean water lines in case of major changes affecting water pressure. When backflow prevention devices are installed and cared for correctly, they can eliminate the risk of potable water becoming contaminated.

Professional Backflow Services

Our E & J Elite Plumbing service plumbers perform a full range of services related to backflow prevention, including installation and repair for any and all backflow prevention devices. 

In addition to performing these backflow prevention services, E & J Elite technicians can also make sure that your property is currently equipped with the right backflow devices. You can count on E & J Elite Plumbing for all your needs related to water service and backflow prevention.


Commercial Services: Disposals

Commercial kitchens rely heavily on their sink disposals working properly. When dishes and food containers are rinsed and washed, food particles are washed down into the disposer. It's a fast and easy way to dispose of pieces of food without having to scrape plates into the garbage can, which can then attract flies and other varmint. The food in the disposer is then ground up, preventing drain clogs and other problems. However, in a fast paced environment, sometimes large quantities of food are washed into the disposer at once; even non-food items get accidentally placed in there, which will cause the disposer to clog and possibly break. Since no commercial kitchen can function properly without a working sink disposer, it must be taken care of immediately.

E & J Elite Plumbing has expert plumbing professionals to take care of the problem right away. We are able to assess the issue, provide written estimates at no cost and repair and/or replace commercial sink disposals. With E & J Elite Plumbing, you don't have to worry about whether or not you've called the right place. We can repair, replace and install any type of commercial sink disposal and it's done right the first time. We understand that, as a business, you don't have time for your kitchen to not be functioning at full capacity, so we are here to serve you!


Even if you're unsure why your disposal isn't working, our plumbing professionals will come in, take a look and give you a proper assessment of the issue. There are a range of issues that commercial disposals face, and we are equipped to repair each one. Make sure you call E & J Elite Plumbing if your disposal is experiencing any of these issues:

• Leaks. Seals can become worn out, which causes the leakage of water, food particles and smells.

• Clogs. There could be a clog in the drain due to an overwhelming amount of waste placed in the disposer, or it could indicate a problem with the waste not being properly ground inside the disposer.

• Buzzing. This could indicate a problem with the motor.

• Silence. This would indicate the unit isn't working at all and may have an electrical problem or may simply need to be reset.


Whether you're buying a brand new disposal unit, upgrading the one you currently have or need your broken unit replaced, E & J Elite Plumbing has the expertise to get you started. We are trained professionals who have the ability to uninstall old or broken models and properly install new ones. There are different types of disposals and if you're unsure of which one will suit your needs, our professionals can guide you. We can look at disposal placement, how complex a system you will need and how powerful a unit you will need.

Commercial Services: Drains

Our professionals can address any kind of industrial, commercial and municipal drain and sewer problem. There’s no issue that’s too big or too small for our E & J Elite Plumbing’s drain experts. 

We specialize in emergency services! We’ll be there as quickly as possible, 24-hours a day and 365 days a year, to fix any issue with your drains so that your business can get back to normal as soon as possible.

Commercial Drain Services

Generally, sewer drain problems are caused by a buildup of grease and leftover food. Miscellaneous items, such as paper towels, straws, utensils, mop strings, toys and feminine hygiene products can also be the cause of blockages in sink, floor and toilet drains.

Drain & Sewer Line Repairs

E & J Elite Plumbing can do more than just clean out your drains. E & J Elite Plumbing has the necessary expertise and equipment needed for drain and sewer line replacement and repair. Our sewer line and drain line repair and replacement services can fix a number of problems, such as:

• Leaking joints.

• Corroded pipes.

• Off-grade pipes.

• Blockages.

• Cracked, broken or offset pipes.

• Bellied pipes.

• Roots in sewer pipes.

We’re able to assess and offer solutions that can help both your budget and business operation concerns.


Commercial Services: Faucets

Faucets receive a lot of use in commercial businesses. Whether located in institutions such as hospitals, hotels, schools, in operations such as restaurants or factories or even in apartment complexes, the faucets on your property may generate hundreds of thousands of gallons of water per day for general sanitation or for manufacturing applications. What’s more, you may have several different types of faucets, each with their own unique operation and maintenance requirements. Dripping faucets and those that don’t turn off or otherwise operate properly can be a detriment to business. Not only will wasted money go down the drain with each drop, bad faucets can actually damage your property.

Trust E & J Elite Plumbing with all commercial, industrial, maintenance and replacement needs. Our professional licensed plumbers have the necessary expertise to work on any type of faucet in all types of businesses. E & J Elite Plumbing professionals will work in any location on your premises, whether it is in the kitchen, lavatory, laundry room, operating room and more. Our services include all types of bathroom faucets, low flow fixtures, hose bibs, waste valves, water shut-off valves and backflow preventers.


Commercial Services: Emergency Plumber

We know that disaster can strike at any time of the day! That is why E & J Elite Plumbing is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, so that we can provide rapid emergency response for plumbing disasters whenever they strike. We are ready to spring into action when you need us the most!

We know that a business cannot afford any inconveniences to customers or have downtime due to plumbing issues. With E & J Elite Plumbing we have extensively experienced service professionals to make sure that your problem gets resolved as quickly as possible in order to get your business running normally again.

Have E & J Elite Plumbing be your 24 hour emergency plumber for issues like leaky faucets, leaking pipes, backed up drains, water heater issues and more!


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